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HealthTek Consulting

Our mission is to enhance the delivery of  healthcare through advances in technology.

We do this by helping companies with innovative solutions scale their products into the right healthcare market(s).

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The Problems

Lack of Market Adoption During Early Product Commercialization.

Inability to Expand into New Healthcare Verticals with a Proven Technology

New technologies in healthcare fail to reach early critical mass adoption because a combination of the following reasons:

  • Poor product market fit within a healthcare vertical

  • Key company resources are totally focused on the core business - this by the way was termed as "The Innovator's Dilemma" by the great Clayton Christensen (RIP)

  • Lack of understanding of the healthcare market segment they are going after (i.e. problems, competition, market trends, etc.)

  • Poor Go-to-Market strategy and execution

  • Poor unique selling proposition (USP) design

  • Weak ROI equation

  • Poor pricing strategy

  • Lack of engineering development resources in the case of Health-IT

  • Poor understanding of regulatory considerations and certifications (e.g. FDA, Medicare Policy, etc.)

  • Lack of connections, prospects and influencers in the new market segment

The combination of these factors prior to launch results not only in revenue loss to the company but a massive opportunity cost to improve the healthcare system and quality of patient care delivery.  

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About Us

At HealthTek Consulting we believe that innovations in healthcare technology and data are now - more than ever - rapidly transforming patient care and the management of health systems.

We founded HealthTek Consulting to help health IT and medical device innovators scale their solutions into the right healthcare market segments. We believe that by working together with many innovative companies, we can make a major difference in the delivery of care in the US.

We are a dynamic team of consultants with over 50 years of combined technology and healthcare management experience.  Whether you are in the idea phase, in start-up mode, or an established company looking to expand into other healthcare markets, we can help you lay the ground work for successful product commercialization.

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Who We Help

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Healthcare Technology Companies

At Work

We help healthcare software technology companies position their products for the right healthcare market segment(s) and effectively drive adoption and market share during early launch.  We can get involved early at the product design phase, development and beta stages or later on during the product life cycle as the product is ready for the business development and marketing phases.

Medical Device Companies


We help medical device companies with the early technology commercialization phases including FDA pathway requirements, competitive analysis and market positioning.  We help companies secure access to early adopters and increase customer adoption rates for a successful launch.

Emerging Tech and Start-Ups


We can help healthcare start-ups through the ideation and building stages.  We provide start-ups with product market fit analysis, business model generation design and access to key software development resources and customer early adopters.

International Health Tech Companies

Business Meeting

We help international companies effectively launch products in the US healthcare markets.  We advice international firms on how to navigate the healthcare landscape, position their products in the right vertical and provide access to early adopters and customers.

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3332 Bear Creek Drive
Newbury Park, CA 91320

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